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This city is about 1.5 km from the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant and was evacuated 36 hours after the accident in 1986. No one has lived here since.
Pripyat (припять) - Sign Approaching CityPripyat (припять) - Sign Approaching CityRoad Between Sign and City EntranceCity Entrance - Gate and Guard BuildingCity Entrance - Gate and Guard BuildingOriginal City SignFriendship of the People's MonumentGrocery Store - магазин свитлячок - "Firefly"Grocery Store Interior - магазин свитлячок - "Firefly"Grocery Store Interior - магазин свитлячок - "Firefly"Grocery Store - магазин свитлячок - "Firefly"Bus StationEntrance to Sasha's Apartment BuildingMailboxes in Sasha's Apartment BuildingDoor to Sasha's Apartment (#10)Sasha's Apartment - InteriorSasha's Apartment Building - Back ViewCanteen/Dining Hall "Druzhba" (Дружба)Canteen/Dining Hall "Druzhba" (Дружба) - InteriorCanteen/Dining Hall "Druzhba" (Дружба) - Interior